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2K Lacquer

2K Lacquer Kits

  • FLP

    FLP Ultimate Clearcoat Kit 7.5L

    Ultimate Clearcoat is a product of the innovative, professional and refined work of the team here at FLP Group. We have delivered a water white, high solids clearcoat with excellent flow properties, superior depth of gloss, VOC compliant which is very...

    £71.94 inc. VAT
    £59.95 ex. VAT
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  • Lechler 09890 2K Matt Lacquer 1.0L

    Lechler 09890 HS 2K Matt Lacquer 1.0L Mixing Ratio 4:1 With HS Hardener (00362 or 00327) 30-35% 2K Thinner Uniform and satin aspect. Excellent flexibility. Easy application. Very good resistance. Click Here for Technical Data...

    £38.34 inc. VAT
    £31.95 ex. VAT
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  • Mipa CX4 Lacquer Kit 7.5L

    Mipa 2K-HS-Express-Clearcoat CX4 5L + HX4 Activator 2.5L High-quality acrylic lacquer for fast and economic car refinishing (expresstechnology). Provides an optimal full hardness as well as by stoving as by drying at room temperature

    £132.00 inc. VAT
    £110.00 ex. VAT
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  • Multi-Mix Multi Clear 2K Clearcoat 7.5L Kit

    2k MULTI-CLEAR is a clearcoat designed with both price and quality in mind. It's a budget clear. Something that could be used on general jobs or trade work.   Don't worry, it's a budget clear but we've formulated this to get the best quality out...

    £66.00 inc. VAT
    £55.00 ex. VAT
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  • Multi-Mix Multi-Wheel DTM Clearcoat Kit

    MULTI-WHEEL DTM CLEAR is a specially formulated clearcoat for use on metals and in some cases plastics. We have found that during testing this clearcoat has great adhesion to headlight and tail lights. This is due to the type of...

    £31.20 inc. VAT
    £26.00 ex. VAT
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  • Octoral C401 Lacquer Kit 7.0L

    C401 HS420 Air Dry Clear Coat is a polyurethane high quality clear coat with high durability for application over the Octobase and Octobase Eco Plus Systems. Suitable for all types of repairs with very good drying and processing properties. Specially...

    £119.94 inc. VAT
    £99.95 ex. VAT
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  • Octoral C450 Lacquer Kit 6.0L

    Octoral C450 Scratch Resistant Repair Clear  Combination of fast drying and long lasting protection against car washes is unique in the market Drying time almost halved Quick and easy to polish Suitable for spot and localised...

    £107.94 inc. VAT
    £89.95 ex. VAT
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