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2K Stoppers/Fine Filler

2K Stoppers/Fine Filler

  • Evercoat Easy Sand Polyester Stopper 800ml

    Evercoat Easy Sand This is a flowable polyester filler putty for finishing, blending and skim coating bodywork, pinholes, grind marks, low spots, and other surface imperfections. Adheres well to steel, galvanized, other zinc coated steel, aluminum,...

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  • Evercoat Poly-Flex Polyester Stopper 880ml

    Spreads to a smooth finish with a fine taper for a quicker feather-edge, it is ready to sand in approximately 20 minutes Formulated with special resins for superior adhesion on properly prepared plastics such as TPO, EPM, TEO, TPUR, TPE, PUR, SMC and...

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  • Roberlo Racer 1 Filler 3L

      Its easy sanding, filling power, ease of application, and high adhesion to multiple substrates are other traits that make this putty ideal for all types of repairs. In a single product, Racer 1 combines two key concepts in modern car...

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  • U-POL Dolphin Glaze Bag 440ml

    A fine finishing glaze designed to eliminate pinholes and surface imperfections prior to painting. Its self-levelling formulation gives a smooth, ultra fine finish with requires minimal sanding. Excellent adhesion Easy to...

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  • U-POL Easy 3 1.1L (Topstop Gold)

    An easy to use ultra smooth finishing filler for skimming and fine finishing in thin layers prior to the paint process. (Formerly Top Stop Gold) High adhesion to multiple substrates Ease of application Easy to sand Click Here for Technical...

    £20.34 inc. VAT
    £16.95 ex. VAT
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