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Etch Primer

Etch Primer

  • ProXL Etch Primer Aerosol 500ml

    ProEtch is a super fast drying acid etching primer that gives the ultimate adhesion direct onto many difficult substrates including; alloy, stainless steel, zintec and galvanise. The final surface is a super smooth non-porous finish that is suitable...

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  • Roberlo Repox Epoxy Kit 1.2L

    Epoxy Light Grey Primer Kit with Hardener 2k 3:1 for auto body refinishing with high chemical and anticorrosive protection with very good adhesion on all types of substrates. Its drying speed accelerates processes and its versatility permits to be...

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  • U-POL #8 Acid Etch Primer Aerosol 450ml

    Promotes paint adhesion to difficult substrates such as galvanised steel and aluminium. Ideal for rub through areas in primer prior to application of colour. Fast drying Super smooth finish - can be directly overcoated Excellent anti-corrosive...

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  • Upoxy Super Etch Primer Kit 2.0L

    UPOXY SUPER ETCH PRIMER + THINNER/ACTIVATOR Super etch primer is a fast drying , high solids, isocyante free and chromate free tough two-pack etch primer. It possesses good corrosion inhibiting properties and absolutely super adhesion...

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