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Masking Paper & Sheeting

Masking Paper & Sheeting

  • Gerko Masking Film 5M

    Gerko Masking Film 50 X 12 translucent masking film with paint adhesion. masking film with an extra width (5M). suitable for masking large vehicles like Vans, SUV's.  

    £22.74 inc. VAT
    £18.95 ex. VAT
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  • J Tape - Alloy Repair Mask

    Alloy Repair Mask JTAPE Alloy Repair Mask is a flexible solution for the masking of tyres during the re-spraying of wheel alloys. Our Wheel Repair Mask consists of a treated 20 micron MDPE paint absorbent film & has an elastic centre piece which...

    £38.34 inc. VAT
    £31.95 ex. VAT
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  • J-Tape Seal Wrap 900mm

    JTAPE’s Seal Wrap protects broken automotive windows from the elements until ready for repair. The film is a clear, tough, low-tack masking material, for both interior and exterior applications. Seal Wrap is a low density polyethylene film on a...

    £42.56 inc. VAT
    £35.47 ex. VAT
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